Install Adobe Flash Player onto your Kindle Fire, HD, HDX

Watch Flash Videos and Browse Flash Websites on your Kindle Fire, HD, HDX, (All Gen)

Adobe Flash Player for the Kindle Fire

Adobe no longer offers their Flash Player for mobile device (including tablets). However, there is an easy work-around that will enable your Kindle Fire to run flash. First you will need to make sure your device is enabled to install third party applications.

1. Allow Installation of Applications
Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Device’. For the HDX: Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Applications’.
Make sure ‘Allow Installation of Applications’ is ‘On’.

Afterwards you will need to install Dolphin Browser onto your Kindle Fire. The reason you will need to use another browser is because the Kindle Fire’s default browser, Silk, does not support Flash.

2. Downloading & Installing the Dolphin Browser
On your Kindle Fire, go to your web browser and go here to download Dolphin Browser .APK file:
After the file is done downloading, go to the menu icon and click on ‘Downloads’ and open up the .APK file. This will install the browser.

Now all we need to do is install Adobe Flash Player. You will follow the same procedure as installing the Dolphin Browser.

3. Downloading & Installing the Adobe Flash Player
On your Kindle Fire go here to download Adobe Flash Player .APK file:
Now open up the .APK file and it will install Flash onto your Kindle Fire.

Your Kindle Fire will now run flash when you are using the Dolphin Browser.

Enabling Flash on the First Gen Kindle Fire

The first gen Kindle Fire actually comes with Adobe Flash Player preinstalled. This was before Adobe stopped supporting mobile devices and tablets. Adobe Flash is disabled by default. To enable flash on your first gen Kindle Fire you will need to open up your Silk web browser, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen and go to Settings. Look for the Enable Flash option and select “Always on”.


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